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Production Services

1. Preventa Service
(1) Free samples are available. The transport costs must be paid by the customer.

2. Purcha.

Production Services Production Services


1.Our research team is composed of several electronic engineers, experts in Mechatronics and renowned clinical specialists.

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About us

About usHunan Beyond Medical Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2009 and located in Hanpu Industrial Technology Park, Hunan, specializes in the research, development, manufacture and sale of medical devices. Among our main products are the following: CPAP, Auto CPAP, BIPAP, Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump, and Patient-Nurse Communication Systems. The annual production of respirators, pumping systems and patient-nurse communication systems is 20,000, 15,000, and 8,000 units, respectively. Our products always meet international standards, and are approved in the CE, ISO9001: 2008, ISO13485, as well as in Russian registration certification. We export directly to Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, including countries like Russia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.